There is a 50% non-refundable deposit required at the time of purchase.  This deposit may be applied to another hunt at another time.

Upon hunt purchase local lodging contact information will be provided.

We can arrange for spike camps for some hunts.  These camps would be in tents and we would supply all meals and non-alcholic beverages at an additional cost of $100 per person per day.

Most hunts can have 1 observer for free excluding photo trips and only additonal cost of equipment (snowmobile, atv, ect) for additonal observers unless specified otherwise in hunt package.

Kids are free observers on all hunts except possible food costs on camp hunts

All hunts and photo trips can be made into group hunts with discounts available

Once in a lifetime hunts are priced on a hunt by hunt basis.

All hunts can have spotters added for $100 per spotter per day

  • Sleeping gear not provided unless special arrangements are made at additional cost.
  • Any special dietary needs should be arranged for in advance of your hunt


    • 5 Day limited entry, conservation hunt first legal adult lion in tree    $3800

    • 5 day over the counter first legal                                                    $3800

    • 7 day limited/conservation Big Tom only                                         $4500

    • 10 day over the counter Big Tom only                                            $5000

    • You can add a bobcat to these hunts for $1800 for 1 and $1000 each one after (1-6 tags a year need to be bought in early oct)

    •  Cougar hunts have a "bring back clause" if we don't catch/ kill a legal cat we will bring you back again in same year at no cost or for the following year at half price for a 3 day hunt except Big Tom hunts.

    • All cougar hunts include transportation from where you are staying to and from the field, all snowmobiles, atvs, 4x4's or horses needed, lunch each day when we are out; water, gatorade, and soft drinks, and other goodies  during the day.

    • we usually don't offer camping during these hunts due to the very cold tempetures in the range of 0 to -25 

    • 7 Day archery over the counter hunting which will be in blinds/treestands, over water holes and spot and stalk great success on nice Pope and Young class opportunities                                                                           $3800
    • 5 Day limited conservation entry all weapons.                                 $4000   

    • We will possibly book general season rifle muzzeloader.                    $3800
    • All deer hunts are done out of spike camps unless otherwise arranged during booking.  This makes for an increased success rate for you, the hunter.  1 observer is an additional $50 daily and an any others would be $100 extra daily.  We will provide all meals and non-alcholic beverages for spike camps.  Any special dietary needs should be arranged for in advance of your hunt.

      The big bull hunts will be determind if a camp hunt or not on a hunt by hunt basis due to the unknown of which unit and season we may be hunting. The camp would be $100 per day per person

    • 10 day big bull limited entry, conservation hunt                                 $6000
    • These hunts will be camp hunts with the exception of the big bull hunts

    • 7 day archery hunters choice (spike/cow)                                         $3800
    • 7 day rifle or muzzeloader hunt spike only                                         $3800
    • 7 day archery Mule deer Elk(spike/cow) combo                                $4500

           Black bear

    • 5 day Bear hunt limited entry/conservation any legal weapon          $3800

    • 7 day Archery hunt over bait only limited entry conservation          $4000

                      Pronghorn Antelope

    • 5 Day archery hunts                                                                      $3000

    • 3 day rifle hunts                                                                              $3000

    • 4 day muzzeloader                                                                          $3000


    • 3 day shotgun/archery limited entry, conservation,over the counter $1100

             Bobcat hunts

    Tags must be bought in early october

    (4 to 6 tags a year are available)

    •  3 day hunt first cat        $2000    each additional cat      $1000

    • Additional days $200 per day


      Photo Hunts

    • Photo hunts will be done on a daily basis for big game and turkeys
    • $200 per day

    • Cougar or bear with hounds will be higher by the day due to the need for the use of dogs and snowmobiles, Atvs, or horses.

    $1800 for 3 days $300 per day after that

    • We will provide a lunch, goodies, soft drinks, and water for the day

    • The best time to photo Elk would be in mid sept but trips can be booked anytime of year

    • The best time to see big mulies is in mid to late Nov or in late july through the end of August but can be booked year around

    • Antelope viewing is great year around

    • Turkeys can be easily viewed year around except during the hunting season April and May

    Trips can be made into groups or weekly trips with discounts available upon request

    These trips will be daylight til dark