Grandpa Elwood Trimmer (1975 approx.)

We are a small outfitting company based out of Southern Utah.  We were all raised with a strong Western hunting heritage full of memories in the field. 

 Mike Trimmer is co-owner of Cougar Creek Outfitters as well as owner/operater of North Hills Taxidermy ( ).  The Trimmer family operates a small cattle ranch and farm in a Southern Utah mountain valley where he was raised.  He has been hunting with his great-grandfather, grandfather, father and uncles since he could walk and was no longer in diapers.   Mike has been raising livestock and working around farming equipment since he was a small boy.  He chased birds and squirrels around with a pellet gun when he was 8 years old into his teen years.  His first hunting memories are of hunting rabbits with a 22 rifle with his dad.  Mike himself has harvested several large mule deer over the years as well as antelope, mountain lions, caribou, as well as many animals that he has trapped.  Mike has been guiding over the last 16 years and hunting for over 30.  Mike  has a passion for the outdoors and helping others achieve success in the field.

Great Grandpa Mike Trimmer's houndogs in the 1940's

 Caleb Frandsen is co-owner of Cougar Creek Outfitters.  He was also raised his whole life in Southern Utah.  He grew up hunting with his dad and uncle, who was an outfitter for years in the area.  Caleb hunted for deer, elk and mountain lions through his childhood and into adulthood.  Caleb and his family camped a great deal growing up and he learned many outdoor culinary skills as well as how to prepare many types of wildlife for delicious meals.  Caleb spent much of his youth tagging along with the "guys" and learning a great deal that he loves to also share wtih others.


Little Mike in the 70's with uncles

Outfitter license #7533058-7500

Guide license #7533058-7501

We are permited for Dixie, Fish lake, La sal national forset, and BLM ground through out the state and can get permits for other areas if there is a need to do so with a little notice to apply for permits.